Volunteer with Heart in America Outpost

As a volunteer, you will care for a puppy or an adult dog in your home for a while. Temporary homes for our dogs provide a loving and safe environment where a puppy will learn, and an adult dog will be able to maintain housebreaking obedience, house manners, and socialization.

    Full Name:



    Street Address:




    Best time to reach you:

    Are you at least 18 years of age? YesNo

    Are all household members interested in puppy & willing to comply with procedures? YesNo

    Person in household to assume main responsibility for puppy?

    Person responsible for puppy if main person is unavailable? (18 years or older)

    What's your experience with dogs – obedience, handling, showing, fostering, etc.?

    Are you willing to do the following:

    Free running as advised? YesNo

    Take puppy in vehicle and on public transportation? YesNo

    Socialize outside the family home at least 5 days per week? YesNo

    Does the primary caretaker work full-time/part-time? YesNo

    How many hours a week?

    If yes, do you think you could bring the puppy to work with you? YesNo

    Are you active duty or veteran of the United States Armed Forces? YesNo

    Is any other member of you household an active duty member of veteran of the Unites States Armed Forces? YesNo