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Sponsor Invitation to you, Business or Group – Training Young Labradors

A Sponsor supports the full Development +Training of 1 Outpost Rover Service Dog-In-Training.

Help a Hero or Hero Child receive a “Bundle of Love Guide Dog”!

Sponsorship/Donation is not required to for a Candidate placement application!

Shelter Project – Hero Hunter Hunting Preserve + Shelter for Outpost Rovers acquire landm, that is habitat developed and available to guide the development of our quality Outpost Service Dogs / Hunting with Service Heroes & Hero Kids!

Awarded to Heroes Children

hero service dog

Connecting the Child of a Hero with a companion Outpost Puppy.

Special genetics breeding, allows us to develop a high level, interactive intelligence dog, capable of service dog & sports dog talent, to serve as a companion for a Hero Child.

When a Hero Parent, after a critical incident, in which a the Hero Parent is slain in the line of duty, their children will be considered as a recipient for one of our puppies. Coordination of a volunteer trainer coach, in the local community, can be matched with the recipient family. Sport Dog Training Camps will also be available to the Outpost Puppy recipient.


Sponsor one of our Talented Puppies to be a gift for a child of a Hero!

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