Source of Love, Kindness, Compassion, Healing, & Discovery of Life Treasure

Relationships of Human & Canines
To Support in Healing & Transforming Disability-Injury

Freedom to top into Abundant Life Resources, Accessible to Outpost Teams

Innovative Outreach Resource Network with, specially bred, Talented Service Dogs provided to Service Heroes & Children of Heroes

How to Provide Support

Service Dogs

Heart in America Outpost depends upon your support to help us train and then place service dogs to support. We invite you to sponsor a Outpost puppy or to Sponsor the placement of an Outpost Service Dog, to help us advance our mission of assisting others.

Nurturing, Training and placing the very best service dogs is costly! Charitable Donations are necessary to provide assistance to cover these expenses. Heart in America Outpost utilizes years of knowledge and experience for breeding a special genealogy of purebred Labrador Retrievers with the highest level of excellence in all our service dogs. Our Training also, integrates a innovative interactive intelligence development with our Outpost puppies & young Outpost Service Dogs.

Financial donations remain the number one need to provide assistance to allow Heart in America Outpost to complete its mission.

Call us to begin to develop your Sponsorship and learn of the benefits and participation enjoyment as a sponsor.

Phone 763-392-4788.

Outpost Team Talent & Skill Design

Mental Health Skills & Spiritual Training

We view the development of a service dog and interaction with potential candidates as a mental health guidance resource program. Our Outpost Dog Service program requires that staff, trainers, and volunteers possess an earned degree in a Resource Development of Psychology field. Also, our program team is designed to include Education of AA, BA, BS, MA, MBA, or Ph.D., PHED, MD or Dog Trainer Certificate.

The Outpost Service Dog Team includes Students, Veterans, and Law Enforcement.