Hero Hunter Service Dogs

Service support + Sport Dog placement with a disabled Military Veteran or Police Officer
Interactive Outpost Service Dog – placement within local Midwest Communities

Go Hunting with Veteran & Service Heroes

Mission: Providing a Outpost Service Dog for Disabled Military Veterans and Law Enforcement Families…Designed for support to serve veterans with disabilities and active duty families and children of service heroes, with a disability, or the healing from a service injury, trauma, PTSD, head-brain trauma, neuro-mobility injury, & autistic/injured children.

Volunteer Hunting Mentor

Train & Hunt – one of our young Outpost Service Dogs during their training for 8-12 months.
These young service dogs benefit from a volunteer mentor who can train them for hunting in the field.

Outpost Hunter – Service Dog

Curently our Rovers/AKC British Labrador Retrievers are obedience trained and house trained indoors, retrieve training dummy, and are trained for public access with a service dog training vest.    Join our Outpost Team as a Hunting Mentor !

As a mentor, you can help to advance the retrieving skills of a Outpost Hunter Service Dog on your hunting trips !

Our outpost team, provides the coaching you will need as a Volunteer Hunting Mentor. These young Outpost Service Dogs benefit from a volunteer mentor who can train them for hunting and take them into field and water !

Like a “treat”, hunting is a reward/perk, for our Young Outpost – British Labrador Retrievers !

  • Grow Rover Up Like a Pet & Hunting Companion 2-8 months
  • Take a Veteran or Service Hero hunting with a Rover Hunter-Service Dog
  • Provide companionship, love, & quality food